Part 2: Data Binding In AngularJS


In the previous article on Part 1: Introduction to AngularJS we have seen some introductory material and few directives with the help of a sample application to understand basics of AngularJS. So I think we are somewhat familiar about AngularJS and now it’s time to go more on it.  Let’s proceed with this part of the tutorial where we will try to understand the most basic and impressive feature of AngularJS i.e. Data Binding. Continue reading


Part1: Introduction to AngularJS


Recently I started learning AngularJS, it was very difficult for me to find some good detailed articles or beginner tutorials on AngularJS. I have to read from many different articles, books and tutorials. So I decided to put step by step help for beginners like me, so that they get complete required help from one single channel. Since AngularJS is a very rich framework so I decided to write in a series of post that will help beginners who want to learn or work on SPA(Single Page Application) using AngularJS. I am assuming that people reading this article are aware of html and javascript/jquery. So lets start with a short but detailed AngularJS tutorial where you will be able to quickly understand the power of AngularJS in the world of web. Continue reading